Othello Grey

"In my opinion, true creativity is the unique ability to transform inspiration into new ideas. All artists feed off of inspiration and (while in the state of euphoria) attempt to create. 
The difference is that some artists posses the ability to separate themselves from what inspires them just enough that what they create is not a clone/imitation/reiteration etc. 

Creativity is an art in itself. A passionate struggle. Flowing freely outside of everything that has been done already (as nearly everything has) seems virtually impossible, so the strategy now is to learn how to re imagine ideas and allow them to manifest
 alongside your own unique abilities. 

Inspiration can come from anything which in turn means creativity is formless. The most mundane elements of life can spark the mind- understanding this and seeking it out is one of the most valuable tools anyone can possess. There are levels to creativity.. I could go on forever.. creativity is an art, it takes strategy, it takes discipline, it takes effort.. but once you concentrate all of what is necessary to be creative… it takes nothing."

- Othello Grey (photographer/creative director)

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