Tim Okamura

"My thoughts on creativity are transitioning - I am becoming more aware of that moment of 'inspiration' being akin to an alchemical reaction, a blend of forces both internal and external. I used to believe that my ideas were being generated entirely by mind, but now I have found - through beginning to practice meditation - that it is when I quiet my thoughts or "turn down the volume" on my inner dialogue that the ideas seem to appear out of nowhere. Whether it's a clearly formed composition for a painting, the metaphorical title I've been searching for, or the basis for a song it seems to appear when I focus on NOT thinking, or trying, just opening myself to receiving. (I realized 'intuitive' reactions while I'm in the middle of painting a canvas are coming from this same place.) It's exciting because the number of interesting ideas available to me are beginning to seem limitless, but in order to bring them to fruition, that's where the actual physical work comes in. It's now a matter of my time management skills, which aren't always excellent...."

- Tim Okamura (painter)

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