Toyin Odutola

More and more I feel creativity is a commitment to what you love. When the demons of doubt take over or whenever the stress of life and work bog you down and you feel like turning in, it's the moment you refuse to give it up that's when creativity happens. That commitment is akin to going to the gym or similar: you ache and you hate it and you want to thrown in the towel...but you head over there anyway and lift weights or run that last mile. It's the same in all creative pursuits. It's a privilege to do what you love, even in the little moments we have, so to cherish it is to commit to it. For it's in the sticking with it, and with all the energies and time invested, you do get so much back. And it does bring joy, even if it's fleeting.
- Toyin Odutola (Artist)

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