Johnson Ting

 "Creativity is rather broad and very subjective, personally, it is something one cannot acquire in a short amount of time, creativity doesn't appear just right in front of you. It is more of a combination of various elements such as one's artistic sense, visual library  specific knowledge, familiarity with the subject matter etc. Creativity is something that needs to be constantly brew over time and it is an ongoing process until the end of our lives as artists, though it might seem like some people can just think of a creative idea in a few hours time, what makes this happen is not a "lucky talent", it is something that is gained through years of experiences/failures/experimentation/research and so on, all these years of work plant themselves into your subconscious, so when you're in need of a new idea, your brain simply just reach into that pool full of fishes (ideas) and bam! there's your idea. Creativity is one of the many essential things required on creating an impressive art, but creativity itself is another form of art that needs to be mastered through hard-work and patience."

- Johnson Ting (Concept Artist)

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