Bianca Green

" I like being creative in any kind of way. It started when I was a little kid and made clothing for my dolls. I sometimes had to sew them onto their bodies, because I didn't know how to use zippers or buttons. Then I got into recording tapes and mix CDs and made awesome covers for them. My school books never looked boring, they were always individually decorated. Now, I draw, paint, collage, sew and love to decorate. There are some days where you are not inspired or motivated to do something creative. You can either push some buttons to trigger that or you just try the next day. A creative mind can be so many things. You can even get creative while doing your taxes. To me being creative means finding new ways to do something, trying out things and making things look differently. Everyone has to find out in what form they can be creative. Once you find it, you will enjoy it so much.. using your imagination, your hands, your fingers, your fine motor skills.. it's very fulfilling."
- Bianca Green (Artist)

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