Theonette Mostert

" I think creativity is like your personality, sometimes its flamboyant sometimes it’s quiet. 
I love designing creatively but it’s not always requested on each project in my industry. Because of this I am thankful otherwise I think I would burn out, also when the ability to be creative is released I appreciate and enjoy it so much more! 
I enjoy seeing what the world does, I love my blog and every new trend I find I can either make part of my personality as a whole or ignore. To revert back to the beginning, i believe creativity is like your personality it is there in everything you do, it is part of my unique design fingerprint on everything i touch and make.. sometimes it’s in a good mood and aloud to reign free and sometimes it must behave but it is still who i am and one cannot escape who you are. Some designers try to copy others or base their works on other products, but it’s always an awkward tune when someone tries to be something they are not."

-Theonette Mostert (industrial designer and creator of Design Binge)

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