Michelle Curry

"Creativity calls for a sense of fearlessness, it can only help you as a designer. After all it is our job to be creative, to create innovative spaces. It is important not to let your imagination dull because your creative edge dulls. Creativity is more than just a word. It describes your thought process and describes you as an individual. There are so many endless possibilities when you exercise your creative muscles. The more you fill your mind with new things the more interesting life and design can be. Inspiration is everywhere, don’t pass it up.  

Everyone has heard the phrase "think outside the box." It's a simple phrase that implies you to push yourself creatively. Challenge yourselves to not be afraid to go beyond what you think they know. I feel that the more one challenges the self the better designer they will become. Often designers are afraid of the unknown because they don't want to mistake. Mistakes are good because that's how discoveries are made. In the design industry we need to constantly challenge ourselves creatively. Don't just think outside of the box, break it down and rebuild one more fabulous than before! Working outside of the box causes one to admit the box is still a standard, when the box should be subject to us. Who wants to be standard? I know I don't! To me creativity is all about taking risks and trying things that may be a little out of the ordinary. If someone says to think outside the box ask them "what box?" 
Everyone creates their own definition of creativity, what's yours? "

-Michelle Curry (designer)

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