Joshua & Jackson Stewart

"Creativity is an instinctual desire to say something. It's the ideas that either fleetingly, or hauntingly cross our minds. The difference between great creators and everyone else is that they develop and embrace those ideas; they act on that instinctual desire. Some dude once said, "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." I've always agreed with that. To me, 'Creativity' is not something exclusive to a few god-chosen individuals. We've all got it inside, the struggle is not letting it die... Picasso! 
That's who the quote's from. "
- Joshua Stewart ( one half of Creative Tirade)

"Creativity is a ticket to immortality. It's a way to last longer than ourselves. It's a way to air-mail a piece of ourselves off to the future that  we'll never see. John Hughes will never die because The Breakfast Club is (and will always be) as relevant and relatable as it has ever been. For me, creativity means a desire to leave behind as much excellence, as the great creators of the past have left for me. I'm all about the history books."

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