Dan Panosian

"Creativity is the result of desperation in many cases.  
Desperation can come to us in many forms: Boredom, lack and most often - deadlines. 
Of course there are many other scenarios that provide us with creative thoughts/concepts and solutions - but those three seem to spring forth the most abundant forms of creativity. 

The most common, I feel, is the looming deadline. With time running out, we are forced to cast aside our usual diversions, hang-ups and protocol. We are forced to trust in ourselves and our abilities.  "Doing" without over thinking a problem is a Zen like experience. 
An exercise of complete trust.The mild panic that accompanies the experience drifts away and the resulting creativity is mind blowing.
Throwing away the key that locks your creativity within you is a wondrous and exciting thing. 
That leap of faith in yourself and your abilities is the purest form of creativity. 

Trust in yourself."

-Dan Panosian (Artist)

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