''Personally I don't consider creativity as -the actual act of create something- that is probably something that was working better back in the days. As our so called modern society grows surprisingly fast there is no actual time to stop, reflect and wonder anymore; everything and everyone is just swallowed by the internet and the new medias, day by day, every second basically. Therefore I don't ''believe'' in creativity that much, on the other hand I see creativity as a normal evolution of the world we've been experienced and seeing for all our life; there are people who embrace this evolution easier and faster, with a more or less genuine approach and those who find themselves in trouble, having no imagination and creativity, but if you ask me personally there is no such thing as ''creativity''. There is life, there are different stimulations, there are ideas and there are those embracing them and those who arent''

-Copenhagers (Media/Creative company)

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