Bright Tetteh Ackwerh

"Creativity to me is being able to do something everybody is doing. Because i have come to terms with the old adage that says something about nothing new under the sun' blah blah' and achieve the same or better results using unconventional procedures, usually easier, quicker or more effective. Take for instance how children think. If you gave a problem to two people to solve, one a child and the other an adult, the solution the child will propose will more likely be the more creative option because such a child would not yet have gone through the life processes that inhibit creativty. I think everybody is born with that inate abilty to think and act creatively, however these abilities are easily killed or mutilated by the formal procedures of human behaviours picked up later in life. Being a creative adult i must say would require great effort in 'ungrowing' and 'unlearning'. Turning back the clock.

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