Yoon Hyup

"Creativity is an endless communion for me and I attain a state 
of perfect contentment when I paint."

- Yoon Hyup (Artist)

Judy Kaufmann

"I think the time you spend drawing is proportional to the quality of your artwork, 
and the time you spend traveling is proportional to the quantity of inspiration."

- Judy Kaufmann (illustrator)

Tope Eletu

"Creativity for me has always been about getting in touch with your soul and getting to know who you are at the core. Not everyone is good at it but everyone CAN do it, if they are open to it. It’s about beauty and it’s about expressing the real conditions of human life and emotions with every action you take and every stroke of the pen. It keep life moving. Without it, we would all just be soulless creatures."

-Tope Eletu (curator/creative director of Bad Girl Confidence)

Dawn Okoro

"Creativity means seeing outside the box.
 It means bringing my individual aesthetic to a project."

- Dawn Okoro (Artist)

Tyler Spangler

Creativity is taking your unique experiences and translating them into your passion. 

-Tyler Spangler (Graphic Designer)

Jane Radstrom

I am naturally a very scientific person. I do not see this as an opposite of creativity. My work starts with parameters, from there exploration happens. By setting clear goals at the start of each piece I have a way to determine when it's finished - otherwise I am likely to wander off and start several new ideas right on top of the original one. If a new idea occurs to me while I'm working on a piece, I try to set it aside and make it part of my goals for the next work. 
So, much of the creative process happens while I am reflecting in between working on paintings. 

- Jane Radstrom (Painter/Designer)